HMDX Jam Wireless Speaker HX-P230A Review

The HMDX JAM WIRELESS SPEAKER Model No. HX-P230A is an awesome speaker that is loud and has great range from the device that it’s connected with or paired via Bluetooth.

The speaker is small and fits and stores just fine, it is recharged via a mini usb connection. And lasts almost all day for listening to music, watching movies, etc. If you want it to last a little longer lower the volume off the max setting.

It has an off and on switch at the bottom of the speaker and a few click buttons on the side for master volume up, master volume down, and pause/play button as well.

The speaker is Bluetooth so it will pair with other Bluetooth devices such as IPad’s, IPod’s, Tablets, Cell Phones, Portable DVD players, etc.

The device even has an AUX IN port, Auxiliary port so you can connect this speaker via a wire to anything that has a heapphone or earphone plug. Like a non-Bluetooth device such as an old CD-player, Cassette Player something like that. You would just need an auxiliary cable and plug the wireless speaker to your non-Bluetooth device.

Other information and numbers on the HMDX Jam Wireless Speaker Model No. HX-P230A :

Input: 5VDC 500mA
Made in China
Pair Passcode: 0000

I give these speaker a good review and recommend you purchase one, it charges fast, the charge is long lasting they must use some good batteries/battery?
Oh yeah a bonus it is durable because I have dropped it on occasions just like anything else and it can handle the load I put it through almost everyday.

So at the end I give it a great review! You might find a used one on or

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  1. One last thing I forgot to mention was an indicator light on the side of the speaker for the Battery Level.
    This Wireless Speaker would make for a great gift for the Holidays just a heads up!

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