Hog Hunting In Texas

Hog Hunting In Texas.

Most hogs are hated by farmers and ranchers alike. Hogs will nock down fence’s, they will nock down hunting feeder’s, they will also tear up the water hole’s. Not to mention all the quail eggs that they eat, all of those quail hunter’s know what im talking about. Hogs will also repopulate at a fast rate, they travel in packs/groups so their young get to grow up fast and safe with all the protection. So it is pretty much open season on wild hogs all year round, with rifle’s, traps, dog hunts, etc. You can even hunt and trap hogs at night with spot lights and your equipment and rifle’s.

Hogs can be found all over Texas, from down south and all the way up north, east and west. And Yes in central Texas, you find large populations of wild hogs and farmer’s and rancher’s that will pay to have the hogs exterminated or trapped and relocated. How much do hog hunters get paid? Yes that’s right, get paid to hunt hogs in Texas because hogs are like the coyote’s, they are considered pest’s so they seek extermination methods to reduce the population. You will not get rid of all of the hogs, you will just be able to ”control” them, hogs reproduce fast and thrive in Texas weather and available roots, plants, acorns, berry’s, your garden, your vegetable fields(corn/potatoe’s, anything humans can eat), etc.

You will hear people complain about how much money they are wasting on feed for their cattle, sheep, goats, horses, etc. Because the hogs will also come out and feast on the available feed to them when it is clear like at night time. The cattle and horses’s do not mind the hogs near them or eating next to them since hogs are mainly grain and root eaters, they will eat meat, but they dont hunt after meat, they would rather hunt after some mushroom’s or berry’s.

Bow Hunting For Hogs: People love hunting for boar or hogs with arrows with a cross bow or long/plain bow. Some hunters will even get their trophy(big wild boar/hog) stuffed. Or rather sent to a taxidermest, so you can hang it on the wall or add it to your list of wild game hunted. You can find many different hog hunting guide service’s throught all of Texas, find the one near you via the internet. Some places you might have to provide your own gear and a few place’s will provide everything you just would need to pay for a hunting session.

Wild hogs are high in demand espicially in Europe since wild hog is 100% organic, that’s right organic, as in healthy, not steroid fed captive hogs kind of unhealthy. There are some company’s that sale only organic hog meat for some place’s here in the U.S.A. but lots of it is sold internationally throught Europe. But organic and healthy food’s are starting to get popular in the U.S.A. Soon you might just be eating some wild hog/organic pork chops, that would be nice, control the wild hog population and eat healthier at the same time, good idea.

Wild hogs are a pest but good eating, that is an easy fix, if you own a big farm or lots of land, pay hunters or let them come in for free and help you control the hogs. Don’t just complain, there are people/hunters who have the gear and the time to hunt, even if it’s hunting hogs for game or meat. Post some flyers or on the internet and let people know about your hogs in your area, i wouldn’t mind eating meat for the month. To be able to fill my freezer with organic hog meat, and to be able to help a farmer or rancher at the same time.

Or you could open up a hog hunting service, since hog hunting is all year round. You can even offer a more free roam style hunts where you just provide the hog hunting grounds/land and the hunters will have to provide their own gear. They will just have to pay for a hunting session. But you can start to advertise your hogs and hunting grounds to hunters and trappers alike, with free available hunts. They will tell their hunter friends, that you can hunts hogs or help control hog populations at your ranch or farm. So offer the free wild hog hunts and bank on your white tail, moose, elk, wild cat’s, axes deer, exotic game, etc. Or if you have a farm you could start to save on feed and time costs if you were the only person trying to control a wild hog population. 1 vs many, the hogs might just out last you, get some help, ask, pay or charge but do not complain after all wild hog is organic food.

Note: Organic foods are not cheap at your local retailer, but they are healthier and still taste great, so be healthy and live healthy by eating healthy. Oh yeah, a little exercise would go great on the side with those organic meats.

Got hogs? Well then eat them.

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