How can I avoid getting the flu?

How can I avoid getting the flu? That question is asked by many of use every flu season. Preventative steps can be taken to help avoid an influenza infection. A seasonal influenza vaccine is available that can prevent many types of influenza. Avoiding being close to people who are sick can reduce the chance of catching influenza from other people. Washing hands often is an easy way to avoid catching many germs that may contain influenza. Antiviral drugs are also available that can be helpful in treating influenza symptoms.

A vaccine is available annually in many areas that may prevent certain strands of influenza. An influenza vaccine is often recommended for people most at risk for influenza complications, such as the elderly and people with low immune systems. Vaccine immunizations are usually available a few months before the flu season. The vaccine does not prevent all types of influenza, so other precautions should be taken even after vaccination.  Avoiding people who are already sick can lower the risks of getting the flu.

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