How Can I Be A Better Football Fan?

How Can I Be A Better Football Fan?

Simple, stick with your team(s) to the end. “Band Wagon” jumpers are the worst for football fans, since it would be hard to have rivals. In some familys you will get dis-owned if you cheer for the rival team, regardless if your team is in High School, College or in the NFL. If you keep changing teams, no fan will take you serious when you choose a team to cheer for. They will call you a band wagon jumper (insult saying, ”you have no team”).I am not saying that you are not allowed to see other teams, its just that when other teams are winning don’t say that they have always been your team. Just say out of the two teams that were playing I was pulling for this team to win.

There are many more things that you can do to be a better football fan. You can start by being more positive, instead of being negative. Being negative would be like when you are screaming and cursing at the ref’s. The referee will not change a play or a call just because you said so, even if what you said was true. Being positive would be cheering for your team after every positive yard, run or pass. If you are on defense you should cheer after every tackle, even if it wasn’t a tackle for loss or sack. If you continue to be negative, you will in turn cause a chain reaction of negativity with the other fans around you. So be positive, so that every fan around you can feel good for being a fan of a particular team in a positive way. When the fans are as a whole, and begin cheering for a team at the same time, you can feel the momentum, almost as if your positive energy was flowing into the field for the players to feed off of.

D-Fence! D-Fence! I can hear it now! That my friends is being a good football fan while staying positive, when you have the energy to scream on every play. If I didn’t lose my voice after a football game, I knew i wasn’t cheering enough. Even if we were down I always would try to have faith on our team. When I lost my voice and we won, I would feel good, because It felt as if I was apart of the victory. After all I was using all the positve energy I could give out, I would cheer the O-line after good blocks, I cheer the wide recievers after great catches, etc.

It is important that when your teams offense is on the field that you as a fan remain as quit as you can, then explode with energy after the play. And when the opposing team is on offense it is important that you make as much noise as you can, so that you can try and disrupt the play. The noise from the stands can reach high levels and prevent the players on the field from hearing audibles and or rattle QB’s causing more delay of games and poor pre snap judgement. If you make too much noise when your team is on offense you could be causing problems for your team. So be loud while your team plays defense and cheer after the play when your team is moving the chains.

When your team wins, don’t brag about them instead praise the opponent, so that when they beat you, they will praise your team for being a respectable team and for having respectful fans. If the opponents are saying that your teams stadium is a hard place to play in, then you as a fan are doing a good job by being loud in a positive way. Also do not litter, that way your stadium will be clean and reputable for the future games played. There are many trash bins all around the staduims, if they are full find a maintenace personel and tell them to put new trash bags.

The next time that you see a fan furious or confused, tell him or her that if they want to help the team out they must start screaming at their players for the good work instead of wasting time and poring out negative energy on a fan, coach, referee or player. Remember that you must set an example as a fan, be a better football fan, the rest of the fans will follow your lead. Shout positive remarks such as: Good job! Great tackle! Nice block! Nice catch! Etc.

It doesn’t cost much to be a better football fan, but it’s sure worth it.

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