How Can I Make Money With My Land?

How Can I Make Money With My Land?

There are many things that you can do to start building revenue (making money) with your land or property. The most obvious would be to rent or lease your land out to hunters and trappers. There are many animals or game that may be in your area that can be for prime hunting. Hunters and trappers will pay top dollar to be allowed to hunt on good hunting land during hunting season. Of course some of these game animals will be during certain parts of the year or in seasons, but wild hogs and exotic’s can be hunted all year round. Note: Be sure and check with your State and Wildlife Department for all your hunting guide lines and rules. Since there could be changes or updates every year and some State’s may vary.

If your land has a water way, such as a creek or river, you could also host fishing trips or some type of camping grounds. There are many family’s that take family vacations and camping trips as a family past time. You could have R.V. hook ups available, there are thousands of R.V.’s sold nationally every year, because people love to travel and see the sites. If for some reason you think you will be better off with less people on your land, you could try making money with farmer’s. There is a good percentge of peope that are always looking for a good lease for their animal’s. People will pay good money if your land has water and grass for the sheep, cattle, horse’s, etc. Near animal auctions and sale barns is where you can find people interested in finding a good lease/land for their animal’s.

It all depends how you advertise your land or property, I know in some small towns people will use big stretches of land for big events, such as the fair, live music events, etc. The land is ideal for big events since there would be enough parking room for everyone’s vehicle’s, and room for the actual event. So you may try and talk to the city or county where your land is located, for planning events for the town or city to be held on your land in the future. If your land has some type of cabin or hunting lodge, you could rent your place out for big parties such as on someone’s birthday, wedding, divorce, etc.

You could build racing tracks for 3-wheeler’s, 4-wheeler’s, dirt bikes or for 4×4 vehicle’s. People love a good mudding hole when they are four wheel driving. You could offer per person, per vehicle or bundle packs for the admission. You could offer this through out the year or as a one year event where there is a champion and a trophy given out.This is one of many things that would keep the kids coming out. So if you want to make money with your land, make sure that it is something you won’t mind doing throught the year. Host car shows, host live sale auction’s of animal’s, tractors, vehicle’s, host a city wide garage/yard sale, etc.

Make sure that you have everything organized with a schedule or calender, that way you won’t have events overlap. Make sure you are legit, have a office number, an address, business hours, a voice machine, an email address, and it wouldn’t hurt if you had your own website. If these type of events are not what you had in mind, you could go more extreme, build an air strip, build some home’s, put in a trailer park, build some storage units, sale your land, etc.

It just depends how you want to make money with your land, are you a people person, do you prefer animal’s, do you like to hunt, the possibilities are endless.

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