How Can I Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

How Can I Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

I started smoking cigarettes at an early age and when I started I didn’t think that it was going to be hard to stop. I didn’t even realize that I was going to have to find a way to quit for good. I almost went a decade smoking cigarettes, at first I would start off with a cigarette or two a day, then it went to 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day (40-60 cigarettes a day). I realized that I needed to change my life around for the health reasons of course. Besides the nicotine and all those other harmful chemicals in most average cigarettes, just the smoke itself from about 50 cigarettes on average everyday for almost 10 years. Wow that is a lot of toxins and smoke polution (not sure what to call it) that I was making my body go through for quite sometime(years).

I came to realize I had to do something so I wouldn’t cause long term damage to my organs or my body in the long run. I knew I had to quit so I figured out a way. I found out that help from someone else was crutial for me to stay focused in order to stop smoking cigarettes. My younger brother was a big factor, since he would tell me things at first that would boggle my brain. At first he would say things like, ” Who is in control, you or that cigarette?”, of course I would say, I am! But I was not in control there I would go to the store to buy my pack of cigarettes, everyday. After he had me thinking about it(stop smoking cigarettes), I would hear him say, ” You can’t quit!”, yes I can, I would say. Show me then, he tells me, and I did.

Start off with picking a special day to stop smoking cigarettes, this is the first important step. I picked the month of August on my birthday, so that every year on my birthday, I am rewarded with another year of being smoke free. It has been a great 2 years going on 3 that I haven’t smoked a cigarette or tobacco for that matter, and I don’t want or have not craved a cigarette since then. The hardest part when you stop smoking cigarettes will be the first two weeks, that is it. The first week your friend’s will not believe you but by the second week they will stop asking you for a cigarette.

I even started saving lots of money, I was saving on averge about $75.00 in a seven week period. That was savings of up to $300.00 dollars a month or $3,600.00 a year, that is a lot of money burned. So at the rate I was smoking I could have wasted $7,000.00 on average in the last two years, thank goodness I stopped smoking cigarettes, and that was when they were cheaper. The price of cigarettes have been steadily risining in the last few years just like the gallon of milk and gas.

So the secret is to be commited for at least the first two hard weeks with some help from family, friend, neighbor, or possibly a co-worker? Pick a special day or holiday like New Year’s, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, just make sure that it is on a special day. After two weeks buy yourself a pack of cigarettes to prove to yourself that you are in control. After a while you will give your pack of cigarettes to your friend since you will not want to smoke anymore.

You will better off you will begin to taste food, since your taste buds are not going to be burned or covered in smoke/toxins. You will have a cleaner mouth and whiter teeth, since the smoke and heat from the cigarettes will ”stain” your teeth after a few years of smoking. Start a trend, be the example and be the first from your pack to stop smoking cigarettes and you will soon notice that your friend’s will try and follow your example. Even after 6 months or so, it seemed like I could breathe better, I think my lungs(respiratory system) cleared up some?

During those first few weeks my little brother would say things to motivate me like, ” Aren’t you glad you stopped smoking cigarettes?”, yes I would say with a smile. It doesn’t sound like much but those remarks helped alot, helped me “program my brain” and teach it that smoking was no longer something I was going to do anymore. So after a month or so, you will have flash backs and recall when you did smoke, and then be grateful that you stopped smoking cigarettes for good.

I remember my friend’s saying how did you do it? I said those first two week are a …um was a hard two weeks. Because it was more of a reflix reaction, I was instantly reaching for my cigarette pack after a meal. When I would wake up, or right before I went to sleep were the hardest times to be committed. So I just had to stop my sub-conceince reation and remind myself, hey what are you doing(self) you do not smoke anymore, I stopped smoking on my birthday, remember. So about 5x a day I would have to “remind” myself that I was smoke free since that special day.

I am just your average Joe and I stopped smoking cigarettes, and if I can do it, you can do it. I have faith in you so be strong but most important be committed.

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