How Do I Change My Vehicle’s Motor Oil?

How Do I Change My Vehicle’s Motor Oil?

Regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, your vehicle will use motor oil and the motor oil will need to be changed in time. After 3,000 miles or so which is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacture is on average when you should replace your used motor oil. It is very important that you dispose of your used motor oil properly, you can take your used oil to your local automotive parts store. There they will have a 55-gallon drum that is used specifically for storing used motor oil. You will not be charged, because used motor oil is hazardous to the environment.

Before you begin, be sure to have all the proper tools, parts and sufficient motor oil. There are many ”brand name” motor oil’s but the most common used is the 10w-30 and 10w-40. But some medium-duty trucks and some bigger diesel model’s may require a certain oil. If you are not certain what type of motor oil to use, you can call your local automotive parts store and they will inform you what type is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacture. You will need a few tools: The correct size socket and ratchet or wrench, oil drain pan, oil filter wrench, new oil filter and new motor oil.

Be sure than when you begin that your vehicle has had enough time to cool down, this is very important. Your vehicle can reach extreme temperature’s even in a short amount of time. When your vehicle is ready you may begin by draining your oil, and removing the old oil filter.

1.) Place your oil drain pan under your engine next to the drain plug hole. All vehicles will have a drain plug(bolt) that can be removed for draining the used motor oil.

2.) With the proper wrench or ratchet and socket, remove the drain plug, and wait until all of the used/old motor oil has drained into the pan. Next, remove the old oil filter by hand or with an oil filter wrench.

3.) Now secure the drain plug(bolt) back with your tools, and install the new oil filter(be sure to fill the new filter with new motor oil). You do not have to use the oil filter wrench to secure your new oil filter. You can tighten the oil filter by hand, but make sure that the rubber seal that comes on the new oil filter is still in place. The rubber seal prevents oil leaks at the oil filter.

4.) Remove your oil pan from under your vehicle(dispose all oil’s properly at your local automotive parts store) and fill your vehicle with new oil. The oil cap will be located on the top of your engine on a valve cover. Be sure not to overfill, as this may cause higher oil pressure’s and could cause problem to seals and gaskets. Funnel’s can be used to pour the new motor oil into your engine/vehicle.

These are the basic steps needed for changing your engine oil. The next time your vehicle needs an oil change you will be ready.

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