How to cartoon your Facebook profile picture

How to cartoon your Facebook profile picture. Many Facebook users use a cartoon version of their photo for a profile picture. So, how do you actually use a cartoon for your profile picture? Well, the first step is of course to have one to use. While some artistic folks may be really good at drawing and can create their own or cartoonize their own photo, I think most of us may need a little outside help. So, here are a few ideas to cartoon yourself. Yahoo! Avatars – Yahoo gives you the ability to create your own avatar. Zwinky – This company will cartoon you for free, but they do require you to download and use their toolbar.
My Avatar Editor lets you customize an avatar and even use them as Mii’s for the Nintendo Wii. WeeMee gives you a chance to create your own cartoon avatar. You can also use Photoshop – This is an option only if you have Photoshop.

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