How to Create a PDF From Word

If you need to create a pdf file from Word, this article will be of great assistance to you. There are times when you want to share a file, but the recipient doesn’t have Microsoft Word, or you prefer they not be able to change the layout of the file easily. The solution is to create a pdf file from Word.

A pdf file is a type of file format from Adobe and it stands for Portable Document Format. Most computers come with a free pdf reader installed called Adobe Acrobat Reader. This makes it easy to send people a pdf file and know they will be able to open it.

To create a pdf file from Word, you will need a program to do the conversion for you. I have used may of the, including some of the free pdf programs. Some of them integrate right into Word, which I find helpful. Other pdf programs are installed like a printer, so you just print from Word to the PDF printer to create the pdf file from Word.

Some of the more common pdf creators include PrimoPDF, Win2PDF, and CutePDF. Adobe also offers an online PDF Creator at their website that is helpful to try out.

I would suggest downloading many of the trial versions of pdf creators and finding out which one you like the best. Once you decide the program you like, you will be creating pdf files from Word in no time.

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