How To Hack The Coby Kyros Internet Tablet

Learn how to hack the Coby Kyros Internet Tablet. The Coby Kyros Internet Tablet is a great device, but it lacks the full functionality that the Android Operating System offers. For example, the Kyros does not support the Android Marketplace, although it does come with it’s own AppLib to download games and applications. Hacking the Kyros allows you to use the Android Marketplace and other related applications.

First, a disclaimer is needed. The actions below may void the warranty of your Kyros Internet Tablet, and using these methods you can render the device useless and nonfunctional. If you decide to hack your Kyros using the steps below, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for doing so and hold me and this site harmless.

The first step to hacking the Kyros is to download a file manager. On the Kyros, open the AppLib and search for “file manager”. Download one of them and install it. Close the AppsLib and proceed to Hacking the Kyros part two.

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