How to Hack the Kindle Fire HD

How to Hack the Kindle Fire HD

Amazon released the Kindle Fire HD with a locked bootloader, which was intended to stop hacking the Kindle to access the root Android operating system. However, it is possible to hack the Kindle Fire HD, and here is how you do it.

Notice: If you decide to hack your Kindle Fire HD, you do so at your own risk, and will most likely void your warranty and may even damage the device beyond repair. WebContentVillage takes no responsibility for your actions, we simply provide the information for those who are interested.

Step 1 – Download the SuperUser file.

Step 2 – Extract the contents of the file and put them in their respective places on your Fire.

Step 3 – Refer to this site for more information about the process.

Keep in mind we are not suggesting you hack your Kindle Fire, we are just providing the information for your reference.

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