How to Hack YouTube and see blocked videos in your country

How to bypass the filtered video content that has been blocked in your country on With just three easy steps.

YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website on the world wide web. I read that somewhere? Anyways I started thinking about those “videos blocked in your country” and how to Hack YouTube so that you can see the videos.

Don’t mistake the blocked videos because of the age factor. Some videos are of the adult content or mature, typically the rated R offensive language of the video.

If you want to see those videos just sign-in to YouTube and make your own YouTube channel and you can view the mature content videos, post a comment, upload videos, etc.

But some videos even if you have a YouTube account will still be filtered or blocked and will say something along the lines of “this video is blocked in your country”.

How to Hack YouTube:

Step 1.) On the top of your screen, go to the URL of the blocked video.

Step 2.) In the URL find and highlight “watch?v=”

Step3.) Then delete and replace with “v/”

Tada! You have just hacked YouTube, now you can see all of those videos blocked in your country, enjoy.

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