Hurricane Irma Reporters Ready to Look Ridiculous For Dramatic Effect

As Hurricane Irma gets closer to the Florida, the Hurricane Reporters for multiple networks are getting their high waders and raincoats on and preparing to look ridiculous.

30 Years ago, having a reporter in a Hurricane Zone might have been useful. There was no Internet, no live street or traffic cameras, and no social media. However, with today’s technology the idea of having a person stand in waist deep water and hurricane strength winds is just plain stupid.

All the networks compete for your attention, while most of them will lose out to social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Oh the irony of a “seasoned” storm reporter telling everyone they should not stay in place and should follow local evacuation orders, all the while the reporter is hunkering down and ready to be “live” when the storm hits.

As we prepare for yet another Hurricane, I do wish these networks and reporters would come to their senses. There is no value to having a live reporter in the heart of a storm. They are endangering their own lives, and the lives of other when they make it seem okay to defy an evacuation order.  They may not have blood on their hands, but they sure have a dunce cap on their heads.

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