If The NFL Doesn’t Start On Time Does It Help College Football?

If The NFL Doesn’t Start On Time Does It Help College Football?

NCAA College Football will benefit from the NFL being at a record work stoppage especially if the work stoppage continues. The viewers will soon become a College fan. College Football is beast, you get to see many types of offensive styles played. Up tempo offenses such as the “hurry up” offense that Clemson Tigers or the Oregon Ducks have instilled. Because everyone knows that the offense sale the tickets and the defense win the games.

There are many offensive styles also that are great to watch such as the “Pro Style” that you see in the NFL like the New England Patriots or the Indianapolis Colts. But there still are those power running offenses that college teams still use like Alabama or a Georgia Tech.

Some college teams will use a lot of personal packages to try and get mismatches like bigger receiver over smaller corners, or fast slot receivers on a slower linebacker. So there are great offenses and great games to see from the beginning of the year until the very end. There are great offenses but there are also great defenses like you see with the TCU Horned Frogs. Great D played up there.

So the longer the NFL stays away debating who gets how much of the estimated 9 billion dollars of revenue made every year. The NCAA College should and will take advantage of the football fans or NFL fans for that matter. I can sit here and say that I became a fan of Football in general because of the NFL. Started in the early and mid 90’s when America’s Team, The Dallas Cowboys were wrecking shop with the trio of T. Aikman, E. Smith and M. Irvin (I was born and raised in Texas so naturally I picked the team in Texas). Jimmy Johnson was head coach at that time leading the Cowboys to a couple of Super Bowls via a playoff system.

But as the years past on, I started to become more of a College Football fan because I was slowly recognizing the new faces in the NFL and soon wanted to know at what college they played at, what kind of stats they had, what records they could have possibly have broken, etc. At the time lots of veterans and future Hall of Famers were retiring or soon about to retire. So naturally you would replace them with young talent straight out of College.

Before I knew it I was watching College Football and the Texas Longhorns and loving it. At first the Longhorns had a power running game with the likes of Ricky Williams and Cedric Benson. Soon after the Longhorns were tearing it up with the “Spread Offense” and running a lot of zone read out of the spread to open up some of those running lanes with Vince Young. Then it quickly went to the most winningest quarterback in College Football with Colt McCoy. Colt was such an accurate passer it was great to watch those games he directed on the playing field.

Lots of these College Football teams are near some of these big NFL organizations so if the NFL fan is looking for a college team to pull for. The won’t need to look too far. Some of these teams are in the shadows of these NFL teams, and if NFL doesn’t start on time or by mid season, don’t be surprised if more viewers are tuned into the NCAA College Football games.

So I would still have to say yes, the NFL work stoppage does help College Football. That being said College Football is great because you can still have lots of great games and great match ups in this BCS era. The BCS system in my opinion is not the best system as opposed to a playoff system, but it is the system in use today.

The BCS should determine which two teams are ranked number 1 and number 2 in the country. That way at the end of the year in January the BCS National Championship Game is played with the number 1 team vs the number 2 team.

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