Is It Legal To Buy Ivory?

Elephant ivory is illegal to buy, sell, or import in the United States. The African elephant is on the Endangered Species List. As of June 9, 1989 all imports of African elephant ivory into the United States, in any form, are banned. As per the guidelines laid down in C.I.T.E.S Endangered Species list, buying, selling and importing elephant ivory is banned globally. These laws are intended to help in the preservation of elephants.

Mammoth ivory comes from the ancient Woolly Mammoth. Often mammoth ivory is of the highest standard, procured from the extinct Woolly Mammoth, which makes it legal worldwide. Purchasing mammoth ivory actually helps in stopping illegal poaching of elephants. Every year over 38,000 elephants are illegally poached. Woolly Mammoths went extinct over 10,000 years ago, so no animals are being harmed when mammoth ivory is collected. Schreger line test were developed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Services in order to tell the difference between elephant and mammoth ivory. This presents an excellent chance to own a piece of unique art and a piece of history that is completely legal.

Mammoth ivory is often available in antique shops, specialty stores, and at auctions. It is also fairly easy to locate quality legal mammoth ivory online. As always, be sure to research the vendor you choose to use and thoroughly check reviews and ratings of these companies. Good luck in finding that perfect mammoth ivory piece that is waiting to become your signature ancient artifact.

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