It’s Championship Week in College Football. NCAA 2011.

It’s Championship Week in College Football. NCAA 2011.

Conference championship games usually decides who gets to play for the National Championship but maybe not in 2011. The BCS rankings decide between number 1 vs number 2. And this year number 2 is Alabama with their 1 loss in OT to number 1 LSU at home. They blew their chance, right?

The only team, maybe two teams that can steal or leapfrog to the number 2 spot in the BCS could be number 3 Oklahoma State and/or number 5 Virginia Tech. Only because number 2 Alabama and number 4 Stanford will be idle. Oklahoma State is not going to play in a conference championship game, but they moved their last game of the year to the Championship Week. And they will have to get past number 10 Oklahoma, their bitter in state rivals.

And Number 5 Virginia Tech will also play one more game, against the only team that beat them in the regular season, Number 20 Clemson. But I think that even if Virginia Tech wins, I don’t see them leaping all the way to the number 2 spot. So the best bet would probably be current number 3 Oklahoma State.

The top 5 in the BCS this week are #1 LSU, #2 Alabama, #3 Oklahoma State, #4 Stanford, and #5 Virginia Tech. After the championship week, I predict that LSU wins vs Georgia, Oklahoma State will win vs Oklahoma, Virginia Tech to win over Clemson and with Stanford and Alabama idle the top 5 in the BCS next week could be. #1 LSU, #2 Oklahoma State, # 3 Alabama, and a tie for #4, Virginia Tech/Stanford.

But you never know in college football, LSU could lose to Georgia, and then lose in the BCS National Championship game against Alabama or Oklahoma State. Or LSU could win out and be undefeated and so on. But if that happens, say LSU loses vs Georgia, LSU could just drop one spot after a loss like Alabama did. And go from number 1 to number 2. So Alabama wants Georgia to win vs LSU and they want Oklahoma to beat Oklahoma State, and they are not worried about idling Stanford or about Virginia Tech being so far down to number 5.

If it were to unfold like that, LSU going down and Oklahoma State going down, Alabama could move back to number 1, and LSU would be at the number 2 spot, then more than likely Virginia Tech at number 3 and Stanford at number 4 and Oklahoma State around 5th or 6th. If this were to happen it would be terrible for college football. Because it would more than likely have LSU and Alabama play in the BCS National Championship game, without them winning their conference, that would be sad.

Especially if say Virginia Tech and/or Houston ranked in the top 6 win their respected conference game. Stanford is the most worried, they need to finish the season ranked #4 or higher so that they can earn the at large BCS bid, if they move down to fifth or sixth, they could wind up in a baby bowl game with 1 loss, that would also be sad.

None the less, my prediction with predicted scores for the championship week:
#9 ORE vs UCLA, Oregon 42 – 14.
#6 HOU vs #24 USM, Houston 45 – 21.
# 14 UGA vs # 1 LSU, LSU 21 – 17.
#5 VT vs #20 CLEM, Virginia Tech 31 – 17.
#15 WIS vs #13 MSU, Wisconsin 35 – 28.
#3 OKST vs #10 OKLA, Oklahoma State 31 – 30.
#11 KSU vs ISU, Kansas State 35 – 20.
#18 TCU vs UNLV, TCU 45 – 7.
#22 TEX vs #17 BAY, Texas 28 – 27.
#7 BSU vs UNM, BSU 35 – 7.

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