Keep Your Vehicle From OVERHEATING

Most newer model vehicles will come equipped with a temperature gauge. It will be located on your dash. It can also be a light that comes on as a warning light.

Keep in kind that extreme temperatures or overheating can cause gaskets and other parts and seals go out such as your head gaskets, water pump, etc.

But most vehicles will overheat because it will be low on radiator fluid/antifreeze or perhaps it just has 100% water instead of at least a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water.

So be sure to check your radiator fluid level often for proper raidator maintenance. If it is low, fill to the top, also be sure and fill the side tank.

But if you checked the fluid level and it’s good and full. Now check the outside of the radiator the fins, to see if it is clogged up.

Some Diesel models will have a canister in the front of the engine and it can leak engine oil and eventually clog up your radiator fins with oil and dirt.

Or sometimes your vehicle can be clogged up with bugs and leaves, just pressure wash your radiator at the car wash.

Also keep in mind that if a vehicle is extremely low on engine oil it will also make your vehicle run hotter. Check your engine oil level and fill if needed.

I hope this has helped, check the radiator fluid and level. If the radiator fluid is rusty water or dirty looking, it is time for a radiator flush.

Just drain the radiator fluid and refill with new antifreeze.

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