Kindle Fire HD Review

I loved my Kindle Fire, so I was excited to get the Kindle Fire HD so I could review it. The first thing I noticed when comparing the Kindle Fire HD to the original Kindle Fire was the screen resolution. The Kindle Fire HD lives up to it’s HD name with a brilliant 1,280 x 800 IPS LCD that offers a little better than 720p resolution. The HD also features built in dolby speakers that deliver quality sound from a small device. The Kindle Fire HD is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and features over 700MB of ram. The memory upgrade shows as the Kindle Fire HD is not sluggish at all when playing games that used to bog down my original Kindle Fire.  The new battery is listed as providing 11 hours of battery power, but I have averaged about 10 hours, which still is not bad at all compared to the 7 I would get out of my original Kindle Fire.

The interface on the Kindle Fire HD is the same as the Kindle Fire, with a few minor improvements, and one big one. The big improvement is actually a neat feature where you can see similar movies, etc even while you are watching a movie. The feature is called X-Ray, and it’s available on the new Kindles only.  The built in network wireless has been upgraded to a dual band adapter. This means if you have a dual band router, you should see fast response times, as it can send and recieve data at the same time.

Why Kindle Fire HD?

The biggest reason to consider a Kindle Fire HD is for the content. Amazon has an amazing amount of content on their network, including hundreds of thousands of ebooks, and almost as many movies and tv shows. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, then you can watch the tv shows or movies included with Prime on the Kindle. Since the Kindle is built upon the Android  operating system (4.0 for the new Kindle Fire HD series), you can also download games and applications through the Amazon store, though you won’t have access to the actual Google Play store.

Before buying a Kindle Fire HD, you really need to determine why you are wanting a tablet. If you primarily want it as an Android device or just to surf the web, you might want to consider the Google Nexus 7 instead. But, if you are looking at it as a pure entertainment device, the Kindle Fire HD is the best on the market in my opinion, and it’s a no brainer if you have an Amazon Prime membership ($79 per year, free 2nd day shipping, free tv shows and movies to view.)


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