Lower Back Pain: Help Your Back Out Some, Lose Some Weight.

Lower Back Pain: Help Your Back Out Some, Lose Some Weight.

Everywhere you hear people complaining about their back ache, lower back pain in particular. Well the most obvious reason can be because of some form of tragic accident like a car wreck or some athletic injury, sports related.

Your spinal cord discs will get moved around during one of these accidents. And the pain that you feel will remind you that your back isn’t 100% anymore.

But a lot of people have lower back pain because frankly their are overweight or obese. The ‘average’ weight of a person will depend on height, genes, and many other factors. So some people are long and tall hence a little heavier, some are short and smaller so average weight will vary.

Don’t worry there are a lot of people who share the same pain that you are feeling. You are not alone, ask what they do to help with their aching back pain. Lower back pain may also cause stress and make you stress out!

Stress is also bad for your health physically and mentally. Reach out to other people and ask them what remedy’s or particular exercises that helped them with their lower back pain.

Some will visit the massage therapist to help with the soft tissue massages near the spinal cord area. This also helps release tension or stress, because you are relaxing and you’re not focussed on you back ache.

Some will have a more severe lower back pain that will require some form or surgery. Ask your doctor what he/she recommends for some long term lower back pain relief.

Your spinal cord discs will move when you are sleeping they will ‘stretch out’ some. You are actually slightly taller when you are sleeping, because your discs will spread out. That’s why most people will be hurting in the mornings because their back is slightly stretched. Buy the time you wake up and you’re up and moving around your discs will ‘settle back down’.

So yes your overall health will cause or can help minimize your aching back pains. Lose some of that extra weight, start slow, take long walks and eat healthier. Go swimming or cycling, your lower body strength will help carry some of the load off of your back.

Not only will the lost weight help with your lower back pain it will also help in more areas than you would expect. Your knees, your ankles, your self esteem will benefit from some daily exercise and healthier eating. Soon you will feel more mobile and have more energy to go through your daily life.

Some say that a lot of the minor back pain can be caused because of what kind of mattress or bed you sleep on. In order to help prevent or minimize some of the back aches in the morning or throughout the night while are sleeping. You might want to check into that, you might need a softer mattress?

So don’t get mad, get started, help your back out some. Get started on exercise and eat healthier, look into improving your sleep, be positive and stay focused. Before you know it you may just be recommending to your friends and family just what measures you took to help with your lower back pain.

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