Madden NFL 12 Cover Voting

EA Sports’s Madden NFL 12 is set for release on August 11th, 2011. Who is going to adorn the cover has not yet been decided. The field has been narrowed down to 8 choices. The choices are as follows:

Aaron Rodgers – QB- Green Bay Packers
Drew Brees – QB – New Orleans Saints
Adrian Peterson – RB – Minnesota Vikings
Michael Vick – QB – Philadelphia Eagles
Danny Woodhead – RB/WR – New England Patriots
Peyton Hillis – RB – Cleveland Browns
Jamaal Charles – RB – Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Willis – LB – San Francisco 49ers

The final 8 canidates can be voted on from April 4th through April 10th. The semifinal round of voting will be held April 11th through April 17th and the final voting will be from April 18th through April 26th. Fans are invited to cast their vote online buy going to Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle of ESPN’s SportsNation show will be hosting interviews and more with the candidates throughout the voting. SportsNation is available for viewing on ESPN2, weekdays, at 4ET. They will also unveil the final winner on SportsNation after the voting is complete.

Madden NFL 12 is available on multiple player platforms. These platforms include:

PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Nintendo 3DS

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