Modern Warfare 2 Hints and Tips

Modern Warfare 2 Hints and Tips.

Yes MW2 has been out for some time, but it is still a great game to play. If you want to get your Nuke Emblem you have to prestige at least 1x (6 available gun classes) and then just get 10 Nukes in any one prestige after you have prestiged once, of course. Most people think getting a Nuke (25 kills without dying) is near impossible. It would be if you had to get 25 kills without dying with your primary or secondary weapon.

For Nukes on Modern Warfare 2 use 7, 11 and 25 as your killstreaks. I use Harrier (7 kills), Chopper Gunner or AC130 (11 kills), and Nuke (25 kills). The secret is just to get 7 kills for your Nuke! That’s right just 7, and if you are using Hardline all you would need is 6 kills.

After you earn your Harrier (7 or 6 kills without dying), call the Harrier strike over the enemy spawn or base. If you are playing CoreTDM (team death match) make sure there is enough time or kills available to get your Nuke (TDM will end after the first team to 100 kills). It is easier to get Nukes on Core Domination, Core Demolition, Core Sabotage or Core Groundwar. After your Harrier strike has landed and your Harrier gets you 4 kills with the Harrier strike and or Harrier shooting at the enemy. You will have earned your 2nd killstreak, your Chopper Gunner or your AC130. Be sure to call your Chopper Gunner or AC130 after your Harrier has left or after it has been blown up.

If your Harrier only got you 4 kills then it is up to your Chopper Gunner or AC130 to get the rest of the 14 kills (sitting on 11 kills) for the 25 total kills for a Nuke. If you are using the Chopper Gunner, just hold the trigger down and aim, if you are using the AC130 it is a little harder to use, it will have a few weapons that you can cycle through, but it will take more than 2 Stingers to shoot it down. The Chopper Gunner will take 2 Stingers to shoot it down and the AC130 will take at least 4 Stingers and I’ve seen up to 6 Stingers needed to blow up one AC130.

As soon as you get to 25 kills or 24 kills if you are using Hardline Pro you will see a Nuke Emblem pop up on your T.V. screen where you would usually see the UAV’s. And finally you will need to call it just like if you were calling out a UAV, press to the right direction on the D-pad (directional pad) and Ka-Boom, Nuke!

But if you have your Nuke Emblem already, you might want to get lots of kills in one game? You might be a noob tuber, sniper or knifer? Well I already have all of my sniper gold titles, the Barrett .50cal, Intervention, WA200 and the M21 EBR. All you need is to get 1,000 headshot’s with any primary or secondary weapon for those gold titles. If you want the gold tiles for your launchers you will need to get 1,000 multi kills (double kills count) unless you are talking about the Stingers gold title (need to blow up 5,000 Helicopters).

I also have lots of other gold titles such as the RPG-7, Chopper Gunner, AC130, Pave Low, Harrier, Predator Missile, Precision Air Strike, UMP, The Stunner, The Flash, AK-47, Scar-H and others. On the leaderboards it says I have 218,604 kills (yesterday) on MW2, and at one point in time before all of the hackers took over the leaderboards. I was ranked 419 in the world in kills and that was after I had the game for about 6 – 8 months. So I know all about noob tubing, sniping and I even had my share of melee kills.

If you like to snipe the best sniper rifle is the Barrett .50cal with FMJ’s, Slide of Hand Pro (faster ADS), Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro. My Favorite sniper rifle is the M21 EBR with FMJ’s, Slide of Hand Pro, Stopping Power Pro and Steady Aim Pro. The WA200 is ok, it is kinda like the M21 but with half the clip size, use the same perks as the M21. The Intervention is overrated in my opinion, I only used it to get all of my sniper gold titles, but it works good with FMJ’s, Slide of Hand Pro, Steady Aim Pro and Stopping Power Pro. When I am sniping, my secondary will be either a machine gun pistol or a shot gun. Every now and then I will use the M9 with FMJ’s.

If you like the explosives or launchers use Scavenger Pro or One Man Army Pro. If you are using launchers like the RPG-7’s, Javelin’s, and AT4’s use Scavenger Pro, Danger Close Pro and Ninja Pro/Scrambler Pro/Commando Pro. If you are just using the rifle grenades it would be best to use One Man Army Pro, after you use your equipment and rifle grenades, use the One Man Army Pro to change back into the exact same class. That way you will have new equipment such as C4’s, Claymores, Rifle Grenades and Ammo.

If you like to get melee kills (knifing), it is best to use Commando Pro and Marathon Pro with a tactical knife on your pistol. The throwing knife works awesome when you are knifing. Some people like to use the Leight Weight Pro, but I prefer to use Cold Blooded Pro that way I don’t pop up on the enemy UAV screen. What works great when knifing or just plain getting some kills is to use Predator Missile, Harrier and Chopper Gunner/AC130 (5, 7 & 11 killstreaks).

The Pave Low will get good kills also so lower killstreaks such as 5, 7 & 9 work great especially on Core TDM/Groundwar & GW TDM. Other things to consider are that the Scar-H and the ACR load the fastest rifle grenades with One Man Army Pro for those continuous tubes. It is Important to have a “Heli Down Class” use the Stingers with Slide of Hand Pro, Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro. The Attack Helicopter, Pave Low and Chopper Gunner will need two Stingers to blow them up. The AC130 will take at least 4 Stingers. Harriers will usually take just 1 Stinger but sometimes it will take 2.

The UMP with a suppresser on Core on MW2 works like the MP40 used to work on Call of Duty World at War. It is the “cheater gun” because it is so powerful. I use Scavenger Pro/Slide of hand Pro, Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro. If you put extended mag’s or FMJ’s with the UMP it will not work the same for some reason it will make it weaker and you will give your position away on the enemy UAV screen every time you fire your weapon.

It is important to aim high so you can get more headshots especially if you are sniping or running & gunning. The higher you aim the less damage is needed to kill your enemy. If you like to prestige try to make the games last, do not cap all of the spawn points (A, B or C on Domination). Just cap two spots such as A and B or B and C. That way the games won’t end fast and so that you can give the enemy a “spawn point”.

If you keep playing against some stinger guys, change your killstreaks for the next game. I like to use 5, 6 & 8 as my killstreaks against stinger guys: Predator Missile, Precision Air Strike and Stealth Bomber. That way I can blow up the enemy on the battlefield the entire game. So be sure to wait until a friendly UAV is called that way you can get triple and multi kills with your air strikes.

Sentry Guns work great as bait and to get kills. When I get bored I will change my killstreaks up. Sometimes I will use killstreaks such as Care Package, Predator Missile and Emergency Air Drop (4, 5 & 8). Or small killstreaks so I don’t “camp” for kills such as UAV, Counter-UAV, and Sentry Gun (3, 4 & 5).

It is important to use Painkiller instead of Martydom when you are playing core. Painkiller is like extra health and it does work, I have hit people with two RPG-7’s with Danger Close and it only showed me the little Painkiller emblem instead of giving me a kill. I have even seen people survive through Stealth Bombers, Harrier Strikes, Precision Air Strikes, Chopper Gunners and AC130’s with Painkiller.

But if you can get lots of kills, other killstreaks to consider to use are (6, 7 & 8), (7, 8 & 9), (7, 9 & 11 my favorite non nuke killstreaks), (7, 11 & 15 call your Chopper Gunner or AC130 after you get your EMP), ( 9, 11 & 15) or ( 11, 15 & 25).

P.S. Modern Warfare 3 is coming out soon, November 8, 2011 in the U.S.A. can’t wait! Also visit for my hints and tips on the new Call of Duty Black Ops. Just Search the Video Games section.

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