Modern Warfare 3: Hints and Tips

I have been on and I found some nice videos with some good audio commentary during the gameplay.

The first video was a full match and it shows you how to use your killstreaks to help you earn, your other killstreaks. The video also does a great job of showing you a smart way to play without you being too much of a “camper”.

1.) MW3 74-0 Gameplay M.O.A.B. Nuke FLAWLESS!

This next video some would say that’s cheating, but it’s spawn trapping. Where the entire teams takes advantage of the enemy re-spawn points.

2.) Spawn Trapping on MW3? 270-22 Gameplay

After you see these videos it may make you want to play faster and different with a team or group of friends, because everyone wants to spawn trap.

After you watch these videos I hope that you have learned something new today.

So check those two videos out and when you type it in the search box on it will pick up more related videos where you may find more hints and tips videos for Modern Warfare 3.

But most of all, remember it’s just a game. Happy hunting.

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