Modern Warfare 3: Wow, so different that MW2.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. What did you think of the game? The graphics were great, the maps were small and what was up with those killstreaks that you don’t have to earn?

I started playing way back when Call of Duty World at War came out so Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty Black Ops are also in my library of video games. Most of them are put up since most gamers will buy the new games and move on.

But MW3 had to have those support killstreaks, and took away the end game, nuke? That was one of my favorite things to do was getting nukes and preventing them (stingers) back on MW2.

The problem with the support killstreaks is that the person playing with them doesn’t have to get all those kills consecutively without dying. For example if he or she is using UAV, Advanced UAV, and Stealth Bomber. All he or she has to do is then get these total kills, even if they go 4 kills with 30 deaths. They will be awarded with a UAV killstreak, since you would have at least 4 total kills.

If you “cap a flag” on Domination it counts as a kill, if you blow up a UAV or air support it will count as a kill so most people on MW3 use Hardline Pro and the support killstreaks.

Don’t believe me? I bet that stealth bomber has already killed you once or twice a game? Regardless if you are on core or hardcore mode, everyone likes those support streaks.

The assault killstreaks are the streaks everyone was used to. Such as pred missile, attack helicopter, AC 130, pave low, etc. With a few new ones like that remote controlled sentry gun or the Reaper.

All of my gun classes are fixed up mostly the same. I use Blind Eye Pro, Assassins Pro, and Sit Rep Pro. My Primary weapon will be Scar, UMP or sometimes a sniper rifle. But with a silencer or suppressor.

The “Bling” or 2 attachments option on your Primary weapon also works great with a varieties of combinations. Such as using a silencer and extended magazine, or red dot with a silencer, etc.

But most importantly I use a launcher as my Secondary weapon. I will use the stingers/strela’s that way I can destroy all enemy air support.

Even though I run around like a ninja, I still blow up the enemy UAV, Counter UAV, Advanced UAV, Attack Helicopters, Pave Low, AC130 and the Care Package Gunner. All helicopters take just two stingers to destroy it, but the AC130 will take at least 4 stingers.

I mainly use the support killstreaks Pred Miss, Air Strike and Attack Helicopter (5,6,7). I usually play Hardcore Domination 6 vs 6. But when I’m getting some kills I will bump it up to Air Strike Attack Helicopter, AC130 or Pave Low.

When I use the support killstreaks, I will use UAV, Stealth Bomber and EMP. That way when I get my EMP I can call it towards the end of the game match to eliminate all enemy air support. And I have had killstreaks stacked up because I couldn’t use them because the enemy team kept calling EMP’s.

But at the end of the day it’s just a video game.

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