My Paper Titled Crime Reporting and Rates Response

Crime Reporting and Rates Response
Jesse W Ratliff Jr.
William Patton

Crime Reporting and Rates Response
The purpose of major crime-reporting programs is threefold, and crime-reporting programs in the United States are measured for success by the data collected. Influences in crime are of social, political, and demographic nature, and influences in crime fighting are technology and police efficiency. Crime rates, arrest rates, clearance rates, and the correlation of each is imperatively to be understood in order to assist the effort to fight crime.
Crime-reporting programs such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) are intended to provide law enforcement agencies with statistical data on the types of crime committed, as well as the demographic and chronological statistics of those crimes. According to Kurian (2006), crime-reporting programs are also useful to the legislative branches of governments indicating which laws are effective, and providing insight to the necessity for new laws. The programs are also beneficial to the general populations of society to provide a perspective of the effectiveness of the laws and policing entities.
Accurate statistics make any report successful, and crime-reporting is no different. When the reports of criminal activity are accurate, law enforcement have a better understanding of where needs in their communities are predominant. Accuracy is also imperative and is the easiest to provide for arrest rates. This information is a true comparison to a law enforcement agency’s productivity in battling criminal activity. Assuming the crime rate and arrest rate are correct the clearance rate is used to show the summary of crime fighting in a population (Wellford & Cronin, 2000). These values provided by the crime report, used effectively, can pave the journey for betterment of the society.

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