My Way Too Early Super Bowl Prediction. Who will win the Super Bowl in 2012?

My Way Too Early Super Bowl Prediction. Who will win the Super Bowl in 2012?

I love my Dallas Cowboys, I have to pick them no matter what, right? Well I could sit here and post ‘my team’ to win it all every year but then it wouldn’t be an accurate/open prediction. I still want my Dallas Cowboys to make the playoffs and make a deep run even if they are playing against the new faces in Philadelphia.

The Eagles are going to win the free agency trophy, if there was one. If you ask the media who is going to win the Super Bowl they will probably tell you the Eagles are going to win it all in 2012. But Kolb is not there anymore he will be under center with the Arizona Cardinals. I’m not doubting the Eagles, they look great on paper.

They will get some good wins and have some tough losses, but the Eagles must protect Vick every play! If Vick goes down, it will be left on V.Young to take over. Young has to learn a new offensive playbook, build some timing, with just one contract year to do it with, it could get ugly? Instead of the 300 yards a game passer, Kolb, who knew the playbook and had the timing down with the receivers. If Vick goes down, so will the Eagles.

But none the less, I am predicting that the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl in 2012. They will win a lot of football games and earn some home-field advantage and a bi-week in the early rounds of the playoffs. It should lead to a Super Bowl Victory?

Tom Brady will also get the Super Bowl MVP award? I used to hate the Brady bunch and company, but you have got to respect those wins, Ochocinco should also get a lot of passes thrown his way, he will be happy.

But as far as predicting who is going to lose the Super Bowl in 2012, well that’s another story.

Please don’t get mad, this is just what team came to mind first, the Patriots.

Other teams that could make the Super Bowl in 2012. I must include the defending champs, A. Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Pittsburg Steelers, Big Ben, just got married, congrats to him. The Indianapolis Colts, Payton Manning wants another ring, he can’t have as many Super Bowl rings as his little brother, he surely must want to best him.

Another guess would be the Atlanta Falcons, just because they will do well again this year and earn another playoff berth. I feel that the Falcons believe that they have some unfinished business given how they played in the end of the regular season and in the playoffs last year, they will look to improve.

The Baltimore Ravens and their defense should lead the way. They are a great team they will surely make the playoffs again, maybe even go deep all the way to a super year? The New York Jets will make some strides, playoffs and a possible Super Bowl?

The Houston Texans are turing a few heads, ex-head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Wade P. is going to be running the defense for the Texans. The “D” is the only thing keeping the Texans out of a Super Bowl run. If their D improves, the Houston Texans could possibly be holding the Lombardi Trophy high, come the end of the year.

Well there you have it, my way too early Super Bowl prediction for 2012.

Who do you think will make it to the Super Bowl? What football teams will improve in 2012? What teams will be fighting for the 1st overall NFL draft pick?

This time of the year, I will post more football related articles, about College Football and the NFL mainly. Most of them will be crazy predictions, my opinion on teams, my opinion on players, my opinion on coach’s, my point of view and things of that nature.

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