NCAA College Football: If the Big East goes down, it could hurt the Big 12.

NCAA College Football: If the Big East goes down, it could hurt the Big 12.

I was hoping that the Big 12 would stay as an “automatic qualifier” conference, an AQ conference. Just like the Big East is or was? If the Big East goes down, the rest of the conferences will act swiftly and pick from the remaining teams. They would surely pick from the Big 12 schools as well. Teams such as Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Texas Tech are rumored of a possible new conference affiliation.

Since the SEC is ok with adding a 13th member in possibly Texas A&M, with the 14th rumored to be possibly West Virginia from the Big East. Or rumors that another possible Big 12 school could be the 14th for the SEC in Missouri, Oklahoma even Texas was rumored in the mix? But who knows they would have to be voted in.

And so what does Boise State do now that TCU is leaving the Mountain West, or just as important what does TCU do now the Big East is ready to be a part of history? Is the Big 12 history? Personally I love this style of football down here in the south, south west region. Football in Texas and the surrounding states region or area you can find high potent offenses and stout defenses. The Big 12 must survive, come on Big 12, do it for the fans.

Which brings me back to college football, if the SEC gets their 13th member, expect the Big Ten, Pac 12, ACC and the SEC to continue to expand. The SEC would expand for TV market purposes and the rest of the conferences would expand to keep up with the SEC. Recent National Championships type of ’keep up’ in this BCS non-playoff era.

So we would have 4-AQ conferences and some solid Independents? Assuming that the Big East and the Big 12 falter out at the same time. Would that put more pressure on the Independent schools to join a conference? Or are these new to be possibly 14 member conferences staying at 14 instead of expanding to 16 members or possibly more, 18 members or as much as 20 members?

Then I would see the BCS making a push towards a playoff style system? I wouldn’t mind that part of the change in college football. But if the BCS want to stay alive longer it should try and convince the conferences to stay at a maximum of 16 members. Or even lower around 14 teams per conference. That way you could have some nice conference vs. conference non-conference games.

The Big 12 and the Big East should thing big. Keep up, even if you have to go forward with new teams. Teams possibly from the Mountain West such as newcomer BSU. Or Army and Air Force, the Navy, etc.

The Big 12 could start with asking TCU if they want to play more teams here around the south west. Or talk with other schools such as Houston, or expand the TV market reach, with some of the Independents such as Notre Damn or BYU? The possible members to add could be a big list of schools.

So the Big East and the Big 12 should fight for their BCS-AQ status. Expand before you have no teams left. Don’t look back, look forward. From the looks of it traditions and rivalry’s don’t matter anymore. These super big soon to be college football conferences are the future, will your school be a part of it?

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