NCAA College Football: The BIG 12 should survive with 9, 10 or 12 members.

NCAA College Football: The BIG 12 should survive with 9, 10 or 12 members.

The BIG 12 should just restart or rather re-expand. 12 teams is great for the BCS era that way you can split the teams between east and west or north and south. And most importantly have a conference championship game, and play up to 14 total games instead of a possible 13 games.

The teams that play 13 maximum games a year are the teams in a conference without at least 12 teams. Like this years BIG 12 or Big East, or even other smaller conferences such as Mountain West, etc.

The Big 12 should expand out the blue just like the Pac 12 expanded, go back to 12 teams, with or without A&M. Everyone’s question is what team will replace Texas A&M in the new Big 12 for the 10th member of the conference? Most speculate Notre Damn or BYU, but I’m looking past the 10th member, who will be the 11th and 12th teams?

Who will be the 11th and 12th member of the new Big 12 conference? Now that’s the real question. The remaining conferences are doing everything that they can to keep their conference together. From raising exit fee’s to going public about how they prefer the 12-team conferences in this BCS era. The SEC wants to stay at 12 teams, as well as the new Pac 12 they also went public about keeping it at a 12 team conference.

So lets say A&M stays, because Baylor says so, or just because they want to, either way, they are the 10th member, just because if they leave there will only be 9 remaining schools in the Big 12. So they are the 10th members, given that who will be the 11 and 12?

I think our 11th and 12th could very well be Notre Damn and BYU? Well, it was either that or BYU and SMU or Houston? Who do you think should be the new members in the revamped Big 12? As far as Oklahoma goes I think they will stay put in the Big 12. A&M wants to never play Texas again, I can see them running as far and as fast away from Texas as possible.

I can just hear people screaming about, equal revenue sharing, will I’ll tell you this much, everybody is going to newer tv contracts, new team networks, I can see every Big 12 team with a network of their own in the foreseeable future. With ESPN, Fox, ABC, some other big sports provider and everyone will be happy.

Regardless of what the NCAA goes through in terms of realignment, I still see the Big 12 survive, it went from the Big 6, to Big 8, to SWC, to the Big 12 and hopefully back to the Big 12. Even if it means going from 9 members back to 12, or with A&M (10 members) back to 12.

Go Big 12! Go Texas Longhorns! Hook’em!

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