NCAA Football 12 Is Already Out! You Can Go Buy The Game Today!

NCAA Football 12 Is Already Out! You Can Go Buy The Game Today!

NCAA Football 12 came out 7/12/2011. So football gamers what do you think of the new game? This game is getting me pumped up for the real College Football! Football fever will be coming soon. Giving that the real College Football is right around the corner.

One of the main things that I heard before the game out was that when you are playing on defense it should be better for tackling and the game was to “feel” more fluid. In other words it should have less lag or glitches, the football gamers know what I’m talking about.

The graphics are top notch, and the commentary sounds like you are in a real game. There are many places where you can purchase this new video game, you can go online and purchase it from websites such as or maybe even buy it used on not so much now but probably later I’m sure. There are many online websites where you can order this game via the internet, these were just to name a few. Some local retailers and video game stores should already have it available in their shelfs.

Make sure when you are playing on the ‘online gameplay’ to be sure and finish your games out to the end, when you are playing you vs someone else in the world online. That way you can have a low or zero DNF% (DID NOT FINISH).

For example if you play your very first game online and you back out because you are lossing bad or your opponent is winning big time, however you want to look at it. And you back out or “leave the game” instead of finishing the game even if you would have lost. You will be awarded a 100% DNF.

Meaning that you did not finish 100% of the games! So if you play your second game online and you did finish it out to the end, your DNF% would go to 50% DNF, did not finish half of your games and so on. So what you want it a 0% DNF, but people get “mad” and leave games before they are over and get a DNF%.

The DNF% stat is stat that you do NOT want, if you have a high DNF% no one will want to play a game against vs you if you have a high DNF%! Because if you leave the game it will automatically give you a loss so you might as well stay in the game even if you are going to lose, that way you can get some “practice”.

Most people do not like to play high DNF players because if you leave the game the player you were playing against or vs would then have to play the “computer” and it’s boring playing vs the computer.

I mean think about it, isn’t it more fun even if you are not online, and you are playing at home vs a real person than being at home vs the computer? The same kind of fun can be found when you are playing online you vs someone else in the world. So stay and play win or lose, for a zero DNF and for some practice.

The online games are still 5 minutes quarters so even if you are losing say 21 – 0 it is not over. Stay and play, fight it out to the end, you might come back and win by a field goal 24 – 21?

Comeback from behind victory’s are always beast games. If the defense that you are using early is not working try something else. Example if you are playing some man schemes coverage and blitz’s and the players your opponent is using could be faster and could easily beat your slower corner(s), change to a zone style scheme with cover and blitz plays from zone. It might help?

5 minute quarters take forever when you are playing on NCAA Football 12 because the time stops like the real games, after every first down, after you go out of bounds, after you score and after an incomplete pass. So don’t worry about the time, worry about how your going to stop him/her and try to find an offensive “playbook” that you are comfortable with.

Don’t be switching offensive playbook’s, you can use the same playbook regardless of what team you are playing with. Regardless if you are playing online or at home. Study your playbook and so you can set up the “timing” with the players on your team you are mainly going to be using. And also so you can use plays that you like or are comfortable using. Plays that get you positive yards.

If you keep changing offensive playbook’s you might not find the kind of plays that you are looking for or are used to, so study, practice and stay to the end. You will have a zero or low DNF and everyone will want to play against you because a zero or low DNF tells your opponent that you want to stay and play just like they want to.

This game is available on Xbox 360 and on Playstation 3 for sure, some other console’s may cary it as well, but I’m not !00% sure?

But If you already own the video game, let us know what you think of it. Is it worth it? And I’m asking literally is it worth it? I think it is.

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