Netflix is Still A Great Value Despite Raising Prices 60%

Netflix has angered tens of thousands with the recent price increase, but is the anger justified? This writer is also a  Netflix subscriber, so the price increase hits home. However, I think the main reason people are angry about the price increase is due to way Netflix announced it. Netflix should have handled the notification better. The email I received and the blog post was not written very well. I got the impression Netflix thought I was an idiot and wouldn’t realize they were increasing the prices without giving me anything in return. Yes, realizing a 60% increase seems excessive, but in reality if it only $6 a month those who have the 1 DVD out plan.

Netflix has offered an amazing value for many years now, and I am a big fan of streaming. Yes, they need a lot more newer movies on streaming, but the selection has been growing in the past year or so. I enjoyed older movies, so there is still a ton of content to watch. At $16, the service is still a great value. I had to think about it for a day or so, but then I did the math and compared Netflix to other available services. Netflix still came out ahead, even with the price increase. So, in September, when I am watching 30+ hours of streaming video and 7-8 DVD’s during the month, I will simply add the hours of entertainment and do the math. Let’s use a simple number to make things easy. If I watch Netflix and see 40 hours of commercial-free entertainment during the month, and it cost me $16, which comes out to 40 cents per hour. If you can find somewhere else I can be entertained for 40 cents an hour, please let me know! So, while you may be a bit upset right now, do what I did…do the math and see if Netflix is still a great value for you.

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