Netflix or Blockbuster Instead of Satellite?

Should you get Netflix or Blockbuster instead of Satellite? If you are dropping satellite and cable and looking at Netflix or Blockbuster as a replacement, here is what we have found.  As the demand for dvd movies by mail and streaming video continues to grow, many people wonder what service fits their movie watching habits. Blockbuster has been renting movies for years via brick and mortar stores, but Netflix was the first successful dvd movies by mail company.

I have used both Blockbuster by mail and Netflix services, and both have their positives. Blockbuster currently can offer movies as soon as they are released to DVD, whereas Netflix is subject to a 28 day waiting period by some studios. Netflix has the upper hand when it comes to streaming movies, and as broadband internet has spread rapidly the base of Netflix has grown.

Blockbuster DVD by Mail Features

+ All movies immediately when released to DVD
+ Offers plans featuring in store trades
+ Video game rentals
– Streaming is on Demand only not unlimited

Netflix Features
+ Well established w/ lots of distribution centers
+ Thousands of streaming movies
+ Many streaming devices such as the Roku Player
– 28 day waiting period for many new releases
– No video games

I am currently using Netflix because of the streaming movies and my Roku. However, I evaluate the two services every few months to make sure I am getting the best value. My advice is to evaluate the different options from both companies and choose the one that best fits your needs. Evaluate the offerings every few months and change to a different provider if necessary.

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