Netflix Price Hike Leaves Thousands Angry

Netflix announced today that they are changing their prices…again. Earlier this year Netflix added a streaming only plan and raised the plan prices for those who wanted both DVD by mail and streaming services. Today Netflix announced they are one again raising the price for all DVD + Streaming prices. For example, if you currently have streaming and the 1 DVD plan out, you pay around $10 per month. Starting in September for existing customers, the price will increase to $16 per month. Netflix sent an email to existing customers notifying them of this change, and also posted on the Netflix blog about the recent change. Within hours, the Netflix blog post and the Netflix Facebook Page had over 10,000 comments, the majority of which are from angry customers who are tired of the price hikes. Many customers also complain that Netflix tries to sugar coat that they are raising prices. Netflix does not offer many new release movies for instant watching, so many people have both streaming plus DVD out plans, which are all affected by the announced Netflix price hike.

Current customer options are somewhat limited to either switching to Blockbuster by Mail for DVDs and using Amazon Prime Instant Video for streaming. The big winners in the Netflix price hike debacle will most likely be Redbox and Amazon. RedBox has exploded over the past few years, and most people have a kiosk location nearby. Netflix has achieved amazing success because they have always treated their customers fairly and offered a great value in the services they provide. The decision to split the plans may cause thousands to either cancel the service completely or downgrade their account. What it will do for Netflix’s bottom line may not be known for a while.

If you are concerned about the Netflix price hike, customer service can be contacted at 1-888-357-1516.