NFL on Verizon Data Usage

I was considering watching NFL on Verizon, but got curious about data usage. Last year I had an unlimited plan, so I never cared one way or the other. This year I have a 2gb plan with carry over data so I have to watch my data closely. I am sad to report that Verizon indeed will be charging data usage this year. While it is barely mentioned on the website (in small print), here is a link to a question asked on their support board. It means the data usage the app uses will count against your data limits.

What does this mean for many people? While they have the APP, using it to watch an entire football game will not be feasible. I certainly hope that Verizon will reconsider this decision, because I think there will be a ton of people surprised. It seems in this case Verizon just wants to make sure everyone is on an Unlimited Plan.

For now, I am lucky enough to use PS Vue or the NBC App to watch NFL games.

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