Nutrisystem: A Look At The Weight Loss Program

Nutrisystem is a company that produces weight loss products. They are headquartered in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. When the company first began, they mainly used retail stores to offer weight loss counseling and a food based weight loss program. Nutrisystem then went to a direct to consumer approach in 1999. Nutrisystem began selling products over the internet, via telephone, retail outlets and on television through the QVC home shopping network. In 2009, Nutrisystem started a deal with Wal-Mart where consumers could purchase a starter program in the store and setup for home delivery. Nutrisytem has also expanded into Canada and Japan.

Nutrisystem’s mission is to provide a weight loss program based on quality foods and a nutritionally balanced meal plan. Nutrisystem expresses importance in incorporating some form of exercise to go along with their weight loss program. They also offer individualized counseling, an online user community to support user’s weight loss efforts, and of course weight loss tips and tools. Nutisystem has plans for men and women. Their prepackaged, portion-controlled meal plans are offered in four different categories: Basic, Silver, Diabetic, and Vegetarian.

The Basic Plan is available to all consumers. The Silver program is designed for older men and women. Nutrisystem’s diabetic program takes into account the special dietary restrictions of diabetics. Medical studies have shown that Nutirsystem helps Type 2 diabetics lose weight and lower blood sugar, while also lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. The Vegetarian program was designed to meet the nutritional needs of vegetarians. Nutrisystem programs require customers to supplement the packaged meal plans with fresh fruit, dairy items, and vegetables from the grocery store. Nutrisystem differs from its competition by focusing on including low Glycemic Index carbohydrates into a low fat meal plan. Nutrisystem believes that this unique combination of low fat and good carbohydrates helps support stable healthy weight loss and healthy weight loss. Good luck for those of you who choose to improve your health with Nutrisystem.

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