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I wear contacts, and often people ask me how to to order contact lenses online. Most people don’t know that in the US, a prescription is required to buy contact lenses, even if you buy them online. The primary places people order contact lenses online include 1800contacts, vision direct, or lens.com will require a prescription in order to process your order.

If you have a prescription from your eye doctor and want to order contact lenses online, you should first make sure you are getting a discount when you order contact lenses online.

Many eye doctors let you buy contacts directly from them, and while they may be a few dollars higher, it is more convenient to get the contact lenses locally in many instances. However if you cannot get them from your local eye doctor, or just want to have them shipped to you, ordering contact lenses online is a great alternative.

What do I need to keep in mind when I order contact lenses online?

Make sure you have your contact prescription in hand before you start shopping online so you know the exact brand, type, size, and power of the contacts you will need. Although the online store will need to verify your contact lens proscription, it will save time if you have entered the information correctly.

I have used 1800contacts in the past to order contact lenses online and found them to be a great service and still charge slightly less than my eye care provider. Since contact lenses expire after a short period of time, make sure you check the boxes when you get them. I have made the mistake of getting boxes and not using the oldest ones first, so they expired on me. Just something to keep in mind when you order contact lenses online.

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