Peyton Manning Bronco Jersey To Replace Tim Tebow Bronco Jersey

Peyton Manning Jersey News

If you have a television, radio, phone, computer, newspaper or just know someone who does, then you have heard that Peyton Manning has signed with the Denver Broncos. And regardless if you are a fan of football or the NFL, you more than likely already know all about TebowMania in Denver last year. Now the questions turn to what do with that Tim  Tebow Denver Broncos Jersey and where can I get a brand new #18 Denver Broncos Peyton Manning jersey?

 Tim Tebow Jersey Sales

Tim Tebow is arguably the most popular college football player ever. He developed a cult like following while he was the quarterback at the University of Florida. Despite a BCS National Championship and a Heisman Trophy award, Tim Tebow’s NFL future wasn’t highly anticipated. The Denver Broncos surprised nearly everyone when they selected Tim Tebow with the 26th (1st round) overall pick of the 2010 NFL draft. Tebowmania went in to full effect in the 2011 NFL season when Tim Tebow replaced Denver Bronco starter Kyle Orton and led the team to several wins, a playoff appearance, and even a playoff win. Tim Tebow jerseys became all the rage. Tim Tebow jerseys even set all time jersey sales numbers. Tim Tebow and TebowMania seemed almost bigger than the Denver Broncos and the NFL.

 Hello Peyton Manning Jersey

Now skip forward to March 19th, 2012. Tim Tebow jerseys; meet the door. Peyton Manning jersey: step right up. Then today the Denver Broncos had a press release to announce a 5 year $96 million contract. The Denver Broncos also announced Peyton Manning will wear a Denver Broncos # 18 jersey. The Denver Broncos #18 jersey had previously been retired in honor of Frank Tripucka, the franchise’s first quarterback.


Goodbye Tim Tebow Jersey

The Denver Broncos seem destined to trade Tim Tebow to the highest paying suitor. I suspect many fans across the nation will be keeping their Tim Tebow # 15 jerseys. I also suspect new Tim Tebow jerseys will be a hot commodity wherever he ends up for the 2012 NFL season, rather or not he is a starter. TebowMania goes well beyond one team, and Tebow fans will most likely follow him wherever he goes. Tim Tebow jerseys will always be among the most popular. If Tim Tebow ends up being traded to his home state of Florida, to either the Jacksonville Jaguars and to a lesser extend, the Miami Dolphins, his jersey sales might set another record.

 New Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow Jerseys

What about Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jersey? It is likely the # 18 Peyton Manning Denver Bronco Jersey will reach historical numbers in sales as well. Peyton Manning also wore the # 18 jersey his entire career with the Indianapolis Colts, so I’m sure we will continue to see his fans continue to wear those jerseys in his honor. Peyton Manning is a sure fire future NFL Hall of Fame member and has many of fans across the world who will be in a hurry to get the new Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jersey. They are sure to sell fast, so if you are a fan, make sure to get your Peyton Manning jersey now. If you are a Tim Tebow fan, we should hear something soon about his new team. At that point, you can adorn yourself with a new Tim Tebow jersey.

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