Quickbooks 2017 IE11 Internet Explorer 11 Fix

If you use QuickBooks 2017 Desktop, and are having a warning issue about Internet Explorer 11, there is a temporary fix. You may get warnings about how many days you have to update to IE 11. After the countdown, you will not be able to open QuickBooks. This version of QuickBooks requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. There is a temporary fix that you can use – not supported by Intuit. You will need to open Windows Explorer, and change the view options to show all operating system files. Then go to the C:\Users\YOURUSER\Appdata. Inside that folder is local and then Intuit. Go to your version of quickbooks folder, and inside that folder will be a file qbw.ini. Inside that file is a date that the notification first started. You can change that to yesterdays date and it will let you open your company file again.

Note: This should be considered a temporary fix until you can update to IE 11 and may not work for very long. If you having trouble getting IE11 to update due to patches no installing, I would suggest first checking your Intel Driver Set drivers for updates. You can check them at Intel’s website with a small program they provide.

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