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Radio Flyer wagon memories are vivid in many of our minds. I think it is relatively safe to assume that Radio Flyer is as American as apple pie and 4th of July! I’d even be willing to bet that almost everyone has owned or been friends with a kid that owned a Radio Flyer wagon as a kid. I clearly remember the day my grandfather brought home a brand new deluxe wooden Radio Flyer wagon for me at the age of 5. It became the new regular and pushed the older original model metal wagon to backup duty. I enjoyed many years of use out of that wooden Radio Flyer wagon with removable sideboards. Later, as a teenager, I did some simple repairs to it from the wear and tear I had endured upon it. Freshly remodeled and with a new coat of red paint, it went on to serve many more years with my niece and nephew racking up the new hours on it. It is amazing some of the great memories captured in pictures, with the Radio Flyer wagon holding its place with us children.

Radio Flyer is an American toy company best known for their popular red Radio Flyer wagon. They also make trikes, scooters, bicycles, horses, and other ride on toys. The first Radio Flyer wagon was the “No. 4 Liberty Coaster”, which was built from wood and steel in 1923. Modern wagons are built in classic steel or wood. Plastic is also an option in recent years. While there have been dozens of different versions over the years, the “#18 Classic Red Wagon” has been in continuous production for over 70 years. A Christmas Story, a classis Christmas movie, helped bolster Radio Flyer’s popularity. There was also a 1992 film titled Radio Flyer.

If you have kids, or just need a handy wagon to tote things around the yard, please consider selecting one of the many Radio Flyer wagons available and keep the American tradition alive! There are currently over 2 dozen Radio Flyer wagon models available from Radio Flyer. I though I would just list a few that caught my attention. The product information is from Radio Flyer.

Radio Flyer Wagon Models:

Radio Flyer Wagon

Model 18 Classic Red Wagon: Classic, safe and versatile, this award winning wagon is a favorite for children and parents alike.

• Full-sized, all-steel seamless body with no-scratch edges
• Extra-long handle for easy pulling
• No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe
• Controlled turning radius prevents tipping

Radio Flyer Wagon:

Model 5 Little Red Wagon: This miniature version classic wagon has a steel body, a working handle and is a great addition to a nursery.

Radio Flyer Wagon:

Model 12 Classic Walker Radio Flyer Wagon: Timeless Walker for Beginners! This award-winning push wagon is designed for maximum stability making it a great aid for little ones beginning to walk.

• Natural solid wood body for a classic look
• Includes “resist push” feature for beginner walkers
• Removable wooden sides
• Furniture-friendly front bumper

Radio Flyer Wagon:

Model 3180 Ultimate Comfort Wagon: On the go Comfort! The most versatile and comfortable wagon yet, featuring 5-way flip and fold seats for multiple riding options, expandable rear storage bag and removable padded seat pads for extra comfort.

• Seats fold 5 ways for maximum versatility
• Removable padded seats provide a comfortable ride
• Expandable rear storage folds away when not in use
• Removable UV protection canopy
• Extra-large Dura-Tred® tires for a quiet ride
• Front axles designed for non-tip turning

Radio Flyer Model:

Model 22 Trav-ler Wagon
Wood Sided Classic Wagon: Classically styled and built to last, this versatile utility wagon can be used for hauling your kids or their toys all around the neighborhood.

• The Original, Little Red Wagon – now with wooden stake sides
• Full-sized, all-steel seamless body with no scratch edges
• Durable steel wheels with real rubber tires for a quiet ride
• Extra-long handle folds under for easy storage
• No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe
• Controlled turning radius prevents tipping

Radio Flyer Wagon:

Model 29 All-Terrain Cargo Wagon
Wood Sided Classic Wagon with Air Tires:
Take an off-road adventure in the largest Radio Flyer all-terrain wagon featuring removable wooden sides and real air tires for a smooth, comfortable ride.

• Extra-large body for maximum hauling capacity
• Removable wooden sides for easy in-and-out
• Real air tires handle any terrain
• Extra-long handle folds under for easy storage
• No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe
• Controlled turning radius prevents tipping

Radio Flyer Wagon:

Model 3600 Ultimate Classic Wagon
Experience the Luxury: Model 3600
The perfect combination of heritage and design with a touch of luxury, this specialty wagon features classic styling, premium materials and all the amenities, for an experience the whole family will enjoy.

• Extra-large 10” air tires for a smooth, quiet ride
• Removable UV protection canopy with convenient storage bag
• Expandable and removable rear storage bag
• Detachable padded seats and seat rests for a comfortable ride
• Removable front organizer / bottle holder
• Seatbelts for safety

Get a Radio Flyer Wagon today and help keep the Radio Flyer Wagon tradition alive!

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