Roku has changed my entertainment

I recently purchased the Roku XD/S streaming media player from I already had a Pandora internet radio account, Netflix account and, of course, Amazon account with Prime membership. The Roku player streams my Pandora, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video, plus a lot more straight to my television / home theater. Using my Cisco wireless router and Zeecon internet connection, I find that I rarely use my DirecTV receivers anymore, mainly just for local news, and a few shows not on streaming media yet. The Roku XD/S player was very simple to install and setup. After the intial setup and connecting with my Netflix, Amazon, and Pandora accounts, I also connected with my Facebook account. This allows me to view slideshows of my pictures and video, as well as the photo streaming feeds from my friends.

I had a Magnavox Blueray / DVD player with Netflix access prior to ordering this Roku, but honestly, the Roku handles the streaming media much better. Also, the Roku has a USB port which allows me to plug my flash drive in and view / listen to media stored there. I am thinking about purchasing a 1TB USB Hard Drive and building a monster media server to feed the Roku! What will they think of next? If you haven’t purchased a Roku player, get one! I purchased the Roku XD/S for $99, because I didn’t make the move when they were on sale for $60, but it is still very much worth the money. The lower models of Roku, the XD, and the original Roku are $79, and $59 respectively. Whichever Roku player you get, you will be happy, I am certain.

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