Room Addition on a mobile home

Construction of a room addition on a mobile home is performed quite often. However, there are factors to be considered, and steps to be taken to ensure the room addition will be a safe and quality built expansion of your living space.

First, the decision will need to be made of where the room addition will connect to the mobile home. This decision will have many factors, including what is the purpose of the room addition, will it be accessed through a doorway or walkway, or will there be a wall removed to actually enlarge an existing room of the mobile home. Also keep in mind, many mobile homes are in neighborhoods where there is no sewer system so keep in mind the location of the septic tank and field lines. Even in cases of municipal sewer systems, you will want to know where the pipes are located and if possible, avoid building over them. If the line has a problem in the future, it may result in having to deconstruct your room addition to repair or replace the damaged sewer line. Another consideration is accessibility to the exterior. Will there be an exterior door installed in the room addition? will there be steps from the mobile home’s floor level down to the room addition floor level? What about steps from the room addition to the ground? A thought to keep in mind here as well is “Who is the room addition for?” If the person(s) whom will be using the space are elderly, or have disabilities, or fear of disabilities in the near future, maybe a ramp would be preferred instead of steps. If removing an exterior wall of the mobile home to enlarge an existing room, There will be a great need for caution in determining the type of wall / roof construction of the mobile home. A header beam will need to be placed across the entire opening and this will take some knowledge and some preparation.

Second factor to keep in mind when constructing a room addition on a mobile home is the foundation. If the room addition will be at the same floor level as the mobile home floor, there should be ample support for the floor joists of add-on room. If the room addition will be at ground level, the decision between pier or slab foundation will be a factor.

Third major factor in adding on a room to a mobile home is the roof extension. Depending on the mobile home’s roof type, this can be fairly simple, or a bit more of a challenge. Thought will need to be put into determining pitch of the room addition’s roof, wall height, and type of roof which will be used on the room addition.

If you are planning a room addition on a mobile home, Keep these factors and considerations in mind. It will prove to help your remodel process flow a bit more smoothly! Take care, and God bless.

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