Rumors: A new zombies game for console Day Z

Soon hopefully there wil be a zombies game for the PS 3 and for the Xbox 360. If you haven’t already seen a video or played the game already Day Z. Its is an awesome game of survival, from what I can tell its player vs player vs zombies vs mother nature.

Wow, what does that mean? Well freindly fire is on, you need to find food, find water or drinks, find your weapons and ammo, plus surviving the hoards of zombies. If you want to see some video gameplay of this game go on YouTube and type Day Z in the search box and check it out for yourself.

I also noticed people were having problems connecting to the servers because its a PC game and so you will have problems if you don’t install it properly. On console you would just insert the game disc then go online and play.

So if there was ever a zombies game that I couldn’t wait for it would be this game. Good thing I own both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, which ever one it comes out on first I will be waiting.

What I also noticed was that you would need an expensive PC to play the game and on console they can make it work with the graphics they have. The rumors are that the owners are waiting to see how well the game does on PC, if it exceeds epecations they will move on to consoles.

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  1. I just noticed I put “zomies” instead of zomBies in the title, oops, anyways if you want to see some good dayz footage go to and type “frankieonpcin1080p dayz” and you can see some awesome dayz videos. So you can see for yourself, what the cool zombie game is all about.

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