SAVE MONEY: If You Budget Well, You Can Put More Money In Your Pocket.

SAVE MONEY: If You Budget Well, You Can Put More Money In Your Pocket.

The less you spend the more you will have, right? I think so.

Giving that, lets see how that applies to every day life. Every month you will get the ‘monthly bills’ and if you don’t pay them before time or on time. You will get additional charges tacked on to your total amount due on that particular bill on any particular month.

So it’s only logical to pay your bills on time. Almost every bill charge will have a “late fee” and trust me they add up. The more you budget the more you will be aware of what and what needs to be paid. This is important because some bills can be due at the beginning, middle and end of the month.

The main monthly bills can vary from everything from the water bill, the light bill, the gas bill, the cable or satellite bill, the internet bill, the cell phone bill, the car payment, the truck payment, the insurance bill, the house payment, the rent, the loan, the bank, etc you get the idea.

And if you are late with some of these or all of these, the additional charges can add up every month all year long for the rest of your life. So make a habit to continue or to start paying your bills on time. Even worse than the late charges or fee’s, you can also be hit with additional charges such as a “reconnection fee”.

Example: If my water bill is due on the 15th on a given month. And say my water bill is $100.00 I will get charged a mere $10.00 late fee if I pay the bill after the 15th say on the 16th or so on. My bill can be $110.00 but If I fail to pay it by the end of the month my water will get cut off. I will get charged an extra $100.00 reconnect fee, so my grand total can be $210.00! Wow, more than double what I was charged and by another 15 days I will owe another $100.00 for the next months water bill.

And this is just 1 of the many bills that most people have every month, imagine if 50% of the monthly bills are late or worse higher like 80% or up to 100% of the bills being late. That’s a lot of wasted funds, it’s better to manage or budget a little, don’t you think so?

So pay on time or before time and keep some money in your pocket. Sounds easy but it can be financially hard.

My only remark would be do you need all the bills that you get every month? Do you need a cell phone? Do you need that newer vehicle that you just put yourself into? Do you need the extra packages on satellite or cable, or satellite or cable for that matter? The list can go on, I can only tell you to keep track of where your money goes.

But paying the bills on time to save money is one of many ways to begin to save. You can put your central A.C. or window units on ‘energy save mode’, you can use lower watt energy save bulbs, make a habit of turning off every appliance when nobody is home such as a house fan or the ceiling fans. Even if you are going to be away just 15 – 20 minutes to the store and back, that’s 15 – 20 minutes of electrical energy charges that you will not be charged. Hence saving money, now a days it’s all about keeping track of your charges and your personal finances. The less you pay the more you will have, so pay less and save more.

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