Self Correcting Golf Balls

What are self correcting golf balls?

How can self correcting golf balls help my golf game? Well my friends, Polara has answers for you. The Polara golf ball got its start in 1972, when the request for a patent was filed. The patent was issued in June of 1974. The Polara’s dimple pattern was unique, having six rows of normal dimples on its equator, but very shallow dimples elsewhere. The asymmetrical dimple pattern on the self correcting golf balls was a breakthrough in aerodynamic design that helped the ball self-adjust its spin-axis during the flight and thus enabled the ball to correct slices and hooks in flight.

The Beginning of Self Correcting Golf Balls

The Polara self correcting golf balls started production in 1975 and went on the market in 1977. The Polara was so effective in correcting hooks and slices, that sales were very high. After extensive testing, the USGA concluded that the Polara self correcting golf balls did correct hooks and slices and thus refused to approve the ball for tournament play, ruling that it would “reduce the skill required to play golf.”

Self Correcting Golf Balls Lawsuit

The manufacturers of Polara sued USGA on antitrust grounds and opened up several years of litigation between the two. To keep it brief, bottom line is 2 important things came from this. In 1981, USGA changed the 300 year old Rules of Golf by inserting the Symmetry Rule in 1981, requiring that a ball must essentially perform the same regardless of where on the ball’s surface it is struck or how it is placed on the tee. The new USGA rule banned Polara self correcting golf balls from USGA sanctioned tournament play. The second event was in 1985 when the USGA agreed to a settlement of $1.4M and the Polara ball was removed from the market, becoming a part of golf history.

The Polara self correcting golf balls was reintroduced on a small scale by Pounce Sports in 2005. Aero-X Golf, Inc. acquired Polara technology in 2009 and put it under vigorous research. The 1970’s technology was improved upon to make Polara even better at self correcting hooks and slices. The best part, anyone can easily get them today. It is illegal to use self correcting golf balls in USGA sanctioned tournament play, but they are an easy fun way to improve your golf game while playing with friends. Spend more time in the fairways and get on the greens with less shots using Polara’s updated technology. Polara offers two different products for your golfing needs. The Polara 2-piece Ultimate Straight self correcting golf balls reduces hooks and slices by up to 75%. The Polara 3-piece Ultimate Straight XS self correcting golf balls reduce hooks and slices by up to 75%, and has Extra Spin off shorter irons for more ball-stopping power on the green. Get your Polara self correcting golf balls today and have your friends dieing to know why your golf game has dramatically improved!

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