SHARE FACTORY App Review for the PlayStation 4

The SHARE FACTORY app is awesome on the PS4, it allows you to record the previous 15 minutes of online gameplay.
The Share Factory app for the ps4 is free and you can easily upload your videos directly to if you have a free YouTube account.
I recommend it if anyone wants to record their online gameplay and commentary. I just saved a ton of videos and then I went on the Edit feature on the Share Factory app and it was simple and user friendly.
You can edit the length of clips to a add music to the background. Various ways to edit even slow motion among other things via the Edit.
Since its not a HD recorder it will still capture the video in 720p and played through YouTube that looks good, just check out a few videos that I uploaded through PlayStation 4 & The SHARE FACTORY app on just type “joserodz90” in the search box and check out the edit and video quality along with the audio it’s awesome and free.
I give the Share Factory app on PS4 a great review! Go and check it out for yourself.

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  1. I guess you can just download the app from the App Store on the ps4, I didn’t download it one of my brothers did and i just started saving videos and editing videos to where I eventually uploaded them directly to YouTube. It just takes some time. The Share Factory App works

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