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Wow, David Beckham can bend that soccer ball on those free kicks right through the corner of the net. A thing of beauty when you see it live, when you hear it live, when you feel it live.

David will be playing in the US (California) Los Angeles Galaxy for the next 5 years (starting 2012) with his new contract. Yes! Great player.

Soccer is a team sport like no other it is our World’s number one sport (Futbol). David Beckham’s jersey number is 23 which is a hot item. You can find many sites where you can buy David Beckham Galaxy jerseys.

If you are want to see some nice highlight reels and beast soccer goals check out some videos at just type David Beckham and or soccer goals in the search box.

He will be 37 years old in May but he is in his prime. When he started playing in the MLS there were only 12 teams now in 2012 there are 18 teams. And rumors of two other soccer stadiums getting built?

Is Soccer on the rise in the Unites States? I think so.

As soon as we get some of these athletes in the US to play multiple sports such as Football, Soccer, Baseball every year. Soccer is a sport of defense and running, and what many would say low offense. Since most in the US are used to high scoring sports such as Basketball, Football and so on.

But once we notice that a 1 – 0, 2 -1, or 4- 3, game can be emotional and entertaining Soccer will be a family past time. Can you imagine that, the day at a Soccer game? Sounds like fun to me.

But none the less, MLS you did a great job in keeping Beckham a world wide Soccer icon in the MLS. Once the US gets better facility’s, fills the stadiums, gets more high profile players from around the world, and high profile coaches from around the world the US will be ready to rock and roll.

Then before you know it, the US would be tuned in waiting, getting ready for the Olympics and the World Cup.

Also thank you Beckham for wanting to stay for another five years here in the States. We the US soccer fans thank you David Beckham and your family for helping Soccer rise in the US.

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