Stress: 5 Easy Steps To Handle Stress In Everyday Life Situations!

Stress: 5 Easy Steps To Handle Stress In Everyday Life Situations!

First of all you must remember, you are the only person that can handle your own stress, no other person can ‘take over‘ your stress. They may have some stress of their own but it won’t be your stress. Even though the both of you can still be stressing over the same thing, same person, same place, same job, etc.

Everywhere you hear or read that stress in unhealthy. I agree with these people because when I have stress and I‘m stressing out I’m not myself. I‘m not in a healthy state of mind for say. After I have cooled off when my stress is gone I will look back and realize that I wasn’t at my best. I could have handled that 50x, 100x better I would tell myself afterwards.

So yes not only is stress bad for you it is also unhealthy for the relationships with your loved ones, people that you see everyday like family, friends, employees, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, students, staff, strangers, etc. To become stress free you are going to have to be committed everyday, you are going to need to be mentally strong. Because everyday you will and can easily encounter people and situations or places that can make your stress.

After I realized how bad stress ‘makes me’ act and say things that in the future I will regret while I‘m un-loving and non-professional due to some stress. The better it was and is for everyone including myself being more stress free more often. Because for one reason I will smile more often being stress free. Have you ever wondered how contagious a smile is? Smile at someone I bet they will smile back.

You don’t ever smile when your stressing out so handle your stress.

1.) Ask yourself is this stress worth it?

When you have stress it is too late. You must now have to put your focus on being at your best. Try to think of the next day or what will unfold in the future because of a certain reason you’re stressing. Is it worth it to be upset, no! It is best to handle the situation in a positive and professional way to the best of your knowledge..

When I am stress free I will act and think through even the smallest of details in an argument or situation that comes up. I will think of the long term view of the stress that I could possibly have instead of the now. It helps me handle my stress. It is not worth it in the long run so put your stress away help yourself and everyone around you, thanks.

2.) Afterwards begin to calm down and control your breathing, take some long and deep breaths.

While you are sitting there controlling your breaths think of what you would say when you are at your best. Try to think of the smart and helpful things to say and don’t say or ask anything that could add to that stress.

Envision yourself with the situation, person or problem already handled. What would need to be said or asked to get you and everyone stressing out back to stress free? Do those things or ask and answer those questions, move on.

3.) Handle your stress.

Stress can be hectic for family, friends for everyone. And at times an argument will have you stress for some time. Don’t you think it would be best to moved forward in a healthier more positive stress free manner? I agree and so should you, be more of yourself let your ‘better half’ do the talking, to do the walking.

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? If so, go back to bed and roll off the other side. Make sure that you don’t make excuses or have a minor reason for having stress. There are more advantages when you are stress free.

4.) Help everyone stressing with you or around you.

Remind them that they will and can handle the problem or situation causing their stress. You don’t need to shout or raise your voice, just talk to them in a normal, calm professional manner so everything can get resolved fast and properly. I have had people break down in front of me, I assured them they would move on like everyone else.

But I guess they just needed to tell someone or they were just blowing off some steam. It was their way of releasing some stress, by telling someone. Some do exercise like taking long walks, swimming, running, cycling, playing a few rounds of golf, etc. Whatever makes them and you happy do that, help them out.

5.) Put a smile on your face.

When you are smiling you are in a stress free state of mind. You will have a better vibe going everyone and yourself will realize that you have a more professional attitude. That’s where you want to be. When people aren’t stressing and see that you are stress free they will have a better chance of talking to you or confronting you.

Someone is more likely to come up to you at school, at work, at home wherever it may be when you are smiling. Than if you have stress that you could have handled by now, lingering on you. You will throw off a bad vibe and they will naturally stay away or try to avoid you.

Stay focused, think positive, stay committed and be stress free.

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