Super Pet Deluxe Rat My FIrst Home

Super Pet’s deluxe rat cage is the perfect home for pets of novice rat owners. It comes standard with a play toy which the rats can climb, chew, and push around. It’s big enough for up to four rats and, since rats should always be kept in pairs or groups, this is perfect. A food dish is included along with a tier where the rats can perch while they eat. The cage is easily detached for cleaning and added accessories. An igloo or Snak-Shak conveniently fits under the tier.

One of the cons which I personally have found in using these habitats are that rats are conartist, and the wires can bend over time, allowing the rats to escape. Also, you have to buy a water bottle. This isn’t particularly necessary because rats can drink from a bowl. However, if you plan to house anything else (gerbils, hamsters, etc.), you will need to buy one.

Overall, Supet Pet has once again outdone themselves with creating a habitat for our lovable small animal friends. These habitats can be found for around $40.00 (USD) online and in most chain pet stores.

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