Terra Nova- Season 1 in Review

On September 26, 2011, FOX boasted a new series premiere, Terra Nova. With such stars as Stephen Lang and Jason O’mara and producer Steven Spielberg, the series was bound to be a hit.
The Pilot episode started out with a bang: devastation, escaped convict, time travel, and new world discoveries. The Shannon family, which the series focuses around, seemed to make their way to the top of the Terra Nova village quickly, which is to be expected in a short season. By the end of the first episode, the escaped convict is made sheriff and Commander Taylor’s (the leader of Terra Nova) right-hand man. Over the next few episodes, life in Terra Nova is explored. Some scenes were action-packed while others were calm, and still others held suspense.
The climax of the season really makes it’s appearance in the nineth episode “Now You See Me”. In the tenth episode, viewers sat in suspense and likely disappointment that the season was to be only eleven episodes long. In the finale, which was a special two hour episode-instead of the usual one hour- viewers whom had developed an attachment to the Shannon family and Commander Taylor held hope that season two would come quickly especially with the cliff hanger ending. However, FOX has still not announced if it will be broadcasting a season two or not, much to the dismay of many people.
Overall, Terra Nova spiked exactly the response FOX was looking for. With 7.52 million devoted viewers, it’s easy to think Terra Nova Season 2 will be right around the corner.

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