Terry Goodkind: #1 New York Times Bestselling Author.

Most of the material that author Terry Goodkind has is fiction, sci-fi/juvenile fantasy.

If you like to read about dragons, magic, evil, swords and wizards then these are the books for you.

Here is a list of his book series, THE SWORD OF TRUTH:

Wizard’s First Rule,

Debt of Bones,

Stone of Tears,

Blood of the Fold,

Temple of the Winds,

Soul of the Fire,

Faith of the Fallen,

The Pillars of Creation,

Naked Empire,




The Omen Machine

Be sure and read them in this order from the top on down. Happy reading.

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  1. You may have recognized some of Terry Goodkind’s books on T.V.?

    The T.V. series THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, is based on his first few books, Wizard’s First Rule and Stone of Tears, but there is some stuff mixed in the show from some of the other books as well.

    But the episodes on the T.V. show were different is some ways than the books, I think the books are way better.

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