Texas Music Festivals

Texas is well known for big parties and festivals. These are often the result of a group of people getting together for a barbecue or chili cook-off, and of course, cold beer. The gathering soon turns to someone taking a guitar out of the case and deciding to play a few songs. Now there are people dancing, singing along, and enjoying the good times. When it is all over, sometimes the participants agree to meet up again next year and do it again. Well, next year comes along and those who are going decide to invite some friends to join in on the fun and entertainment. By the third or fourth year, they have figured out that this event is no longer a party, it’s a full blown festival.

Texas country artists and red dirt bands are famous (and some maybe notorious) for getting things started. Example, Willie’s Fourth of July Picnic. Now that is a party! Read more on that at:

The history of Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnics, by Dave Thomas

Another world-famous festival is Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival held in Stephensville, Texas. Coming up April 24-28, 2012 is the 24th Annual Texas Music Festival. Big chili cook off and 5 days of live entertainment, this is one you need to plan on attending. Visit http://larryjoetaylor.com/texas_music_festival.htm for tickets and details.

Like to suck heads and eat tails? Get to the 23rd Annual Llano Crawfish Open April 20 & 21, 2012 for live music, boiled crawfish, barbecue, and of course, cold beer. Remember when I was telling you how these things often get started?

The Llano Crawfish Open began in 1989 as the brainstorm of a group of Beaumont hunters and local Llanoites. Over the years a friendship began between the two groups and from this friendship the Llano Crawfish Open was born.

The idea was to have a golf tournament and afterwards cook some “Crawfish” and barbeque. The two groups decided that any money that was raised from the event would be used to purchase a motorized wheelchair for a local man who suffered from M.S.
After all was said and done, everyone had such a good time that it was decided to do it again the next year.(Llano Crawfish Open)

Get the details for this festival at:


This year will feature artists such as Aaron Watson and Pauline Reese.

For more Texas artists and red dirt music information, check out www.texasmusicconcerttickets.com

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