Texas Style Fried Catfish Recipe

Texas Style Fried Catfish is one of my favorite foods. I grew up eating it and still eat Texas Style Fried Catfish every chance I get! I’m sure if you were to ask my family, they would agree my grandpa’s Texas Style Fried Catfish is among there favorite memories as well.

What You Need For Texas Style Fried Catfish

Texas Style Fried Catfish is best when using freshly caught fish. If you don’t have freshly caught catfish, you can always turn to frozen fish. Frozen fish works fine, but as in any case, fresh fish can really make the difference in Texas Style Fried Catfish. You will also need salt and pepper, yellow cornmeal, and lard (white block lard found in grocery store works great. If you wish, you could substitute vegetable oil or peanut oil, but I personally believe lard is better for Texas Style Fried Catfish. Also, you will need a deep frying pan, and a paper sack.

How To Make Texas Style Fried Catfish

1. Take you fresh fish, cut into medium pieces (skinned) or completely thawed frozen fillets and salt and pepper them thoroughly.  Make sure to completely cover fish adequately
2. Pour a large amount of yellow cornmeal into a bowl. Salt and pepper your cornmeal as well.  If you skip this step, your Texas Style Fried Catfish will be lacking.
3. In a deep pan (cast iron or stainless steel for heat retention) melt your lard. Make sure you have enough for the fish to be submerged. For perfect Texas Style Fried Catfish you want you grease really hot before you start cooking (right before the point it starts burning)
4. Take your seasoned piece of fish and drop it into the seasoned cornmeal. Move and flip it around until it is completely covered.
5. Once your fish is battered in the cornmeal and your grease is hot enough (when hot enough, you can drop a match into the grease and it will light {375-390 degrees F}) place several pieces of fish into the grease. Do not overcrowd, you do not want pieces on top of each other or packed in like sardines. If you put too much in at one time, it will cool the grease and make the fish soggy.
6.    Texas Style Fried Catfish requires you often stir and flip the pieces of fish while they are cooking. Depending on the size of fish used you should cook it until the outside looks brown and crispy (7-8minutes). I prefer my fish extra crispy, so I watch it closely and cook it a bit longer.
7. Remove your Texas Style Fried Catfish from the grease and drop it into a paper sack filled with a few paper towels. This helps soak up the extra grease and keep your fish crispier and warm until you are done cooking. If you do not have a paper sack, you can line a metal pan with paper towels and drain your Texas Style Fried Catfish that away.
8.    Let your grease regain its heat before you drop the next batch of fish into it.
9. Repeat until all your Texas Style Fried Catfish is finished

What Goes Along With Texas Style Fried Catfish

Texas Style Fried Catfish is always best with French fries (cook in same grease as fish, they get a slight cornmeal texture and excellent taste), hushpuppies, and beans. Seems we usually resort to pork-n-beans to go with out Texas Style Fried Catfish. Also, you will probably want some ketchup and tatar sauce available. If your Texas Style Fried Catfish is seasoned correctly, you might just want to squeeze some fresh lemon on it and call it “Damn Good”.

I hope you give Texas Style Fried Catfish a try and find that you enjoy it as much as my family and I! Please, do me one favor though. Next time you cook Texas Style Fried Catfish, eat a piece or two for me!  Enjoy!

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